Works on War – new songs and music inspired by WW1 stories

Working with a group of talented young people, professional musician Steven McDaniel, is supporting the development of new songs and music inspired by the WW1 stories held by Living Archive. This project builds on the previous work of the Living Archive Band, and the new music and songs will be performed live on 29th May at MK Gallery by the young song-writers and a talented ensemble.

Works on War Annas NotesThrough song and music writing workshops, these talented young musicians are developing moving new works that bring to life the memories and stories stored in Living Archive’s records.  Works on War Mitch and Manny

Here are two raw recordings of songs in development:

In the Final Hour by Manny – early development with a first take vocal, and some early instrumentation to give a flavour of where we are going.

The General Said by Mitchell – a fist mix, raw with no arrangement, with Mitch singing and playing guitar and Steve on bass.

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